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 A Brilliant and Stunning recreation of the console game world!


As depicted by world reknowned storyteller Ben Heisler.


The world of Ferelden is at peace. The last of the Blight has been defeated by heros of a bygone age, hundreds of years ago. But troubles remain throughout Ferelden… Orlais still covets a weakened Ferelden, their armies appear to be on the march…. Tevynter continue to produce blood magics… and Antiva's crows and merchants scour the bones of a once proud realm.

 The Dwarven empire, without a king and missing their paragon… has shut out the outside world. Dwarves only, and no one knows how long it will last.

The Dalish continue to be oppressed, with little hope of regaining their former glory.

And the common folk of Ferelden are trying to rebuild from Orlais occupation, while protecting from marauding darkspawn and bandits.

Arl Eamon has been recently poisoned, and it is unknown who the poisoner is. Armies are headed toward the south to join the king's efforts in Ostagar, where some even claim that he is facing darkspawn. Redcliffe's knights are being assembled to go forth on a quest to seek an antidote for the Arl, and it is rumored that their prize is none other than the long lost ashes of Andraste herself.

Into these troubled times emerge six unlikely heros, destined for greatness or infamy. Dangerous times and interesting adventures await!

This campaign uses the Dragon Age RPG: Book 1 rules, all characters starting at level 1.


Fires over Ferelden

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