The Crows

Emblem of the Crows

_ “They are an order of assassins, very powerful, and renowned for always getting the job done.”_ - Leliana

The Crows of Antiva are an elite organization of thieves and assassins which are renowned throughout Thedas. Through their deadly reputation and exotic poisons, the Crows practically rule their homeland. It is possible for the Warden to work for the crows, with quests given by Master Ignacio.

The Antivan Crows are a driving political force in Antiva, often hired to assassinate Antivan nobility and even royalty. The Crows usually employ elves because humans often find them attractive, giving them an advantage over their target. They train their recruits from a young age, and have no problem killing them if they make a mistake. It seems to be an effective method, though they would have everyone believe it takes some special skill to do what they do.

The Crows

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