Fires over Ferelden

The Invasion of Redcliff
How Redcliff was seared in half...

A huge battle occurred.

Hot Hot Times in Redcliff
Heros and Villains team up for a time

Diary of Mme Mirasol… Book 4 Entry 28, Month of Winter March, year 9:30

Dear Diary,

The Chantry at Redcliff

Ay Yai Yai!

After fighting off skeletal demons in the basement, we searched the basement for clues. Bronn Mak Mir ransacked the dead bodies, stealing what he could from the orphans and widows of those who had undergone such horrible torture and transformations. While Kadira and I investigated the strange components of blood magic, the [[:apostate][ showed an unhealthy interest in the objects, while having no clear idea of how dangerous the fade and demons could be. Kadira and I quickly destroyed the implements of evil, even as the apostate tried to fish secrets from the ashes. As we went to the top floor, we found an arrow with a message.

A man in chains and robes… very poor fashion choice… met us and asked to buy information on the sorcerrer who had fled the basement to the fade. After much chit chatting, he provided no information other than that the evil mage had performed crimes against others, perhaps in Tevynter. He gave us a way to reach him (leave things under a rock), and ran off to collect the clothes in the basement.

After Bronn made it clear he would not give even a small share of his ill gotten lucre to the chantry or the orphans, we left to report to Mother Hannah.

Someone who reminded me of Squire Ann After telling about the apostate and the accursed creatures, we were introduced to Squire Ann, a talented and capable woman from Highever. As she was encased in the metal that sheilds all knights and squires, I cannot tell you exactly what she looked like, but I have drawn a sketch here of what she might look like in battle. Terrible and Wonderful, no? She was the sole survivor of a holy mission to reclaim the ashes of the bride of the Maker, Andraste. Of course, Kadira and I heartily and zestfully agreed to help her, should we survive the assault of demons on Redcliff, and the crazed acts of the apostate and his lackey “Bronn.”

Andraste teaches forgiveness, but bless my soul, I do not know how to forgive the apostate for burning down houses, with people in them, while fighting a group of zombie kidnappers. A set of four zombies were dragging unconscious forms from the nearby houses. With much vigor, Squire Ann, Gawain, Bronn, and Gerrin took the battle to the zombies, while Kadira and I healed and sent spellblasts into the darkened essence of the broken ones. Many times Kadira and Ann were given deathblows, that only the healing of the Maker, through my hands and those of Kadira, could solve.

Ey'Wali Burns down Redcliff while villagers weep A group of children were saved by Gerrin and Ann, while the Apostate continued to rain fire on friend and foe, burning houses and showing his true nature. Luckily, the forces of our Lady took down these creatures, and through judicious magical healing, many who would have perished were revived.

Skeleton Kidnappers!

The alarm bell sounded for the town, as hordes attacked all over, from the castle to the windmill. Villagers and guardsmen stood side by side, pushing back the throng of evil. This was clearly the work of the Maleficar we were hunting, and knowing what this one could do… I fear what will happen when the Apostate joins him. I shudder to think about it… Through the night, Kadira saved many as a skilled Chiurgeon, Gawaiin, Ann, and Gerrin slew mighty foes, while the Apostate hid on roof tops, and Bronn stroked his pride with false praise. I myself had only a minor part in the battle, guarding the chantry and sick bays by blasting demons unlucky enough to near the range of my storm magics.

We are low on mana, our mystical energy. We are low on supplies. And we are few in number. As the night continues, I wonder if any of us shall make it through this night, and if not, how many of us will meet the maker and Andraste with joy, rather than sadness…

Well, one last kiss for luck, and then I am back to protecting those too weak or injured to protect themselves,

With love my wonderful diary,

Mira Signature


Troubles in Redcliff
A place of conflict and adventure!

Diary of Mme Mirasol... Book 4 Entry 27, Month of Winter March, year 9:30

Well, I have lived another day, and thank the Maker, that is a blessing. I arrived in Redcliff on a sunny, cold, and wet morning. Unlike Antiva, they have real winters in Ferelden. Winters that make me almost willing to wear their big furry boots and flappy coats. The winds are like the glare of an angry wife at the return of her husband from a brothel. Cold and biting.

Redcliff, a stunning town if not for the mud

Redcliff is a city with a beautiful lake, a magnificent castle, and huts in the mud. Everyone is muddy here, and we soon discovered, most of the everybody is not here at all. The town is all but deserted it seems. The Lord of this lakey-mud town is Arl Eamon, but he was no where to be found. I did find, to my joy, that my good friend Kadira was here. After exchanging pleasantries, we spoke with the holy Mother Hannah , and I chanted Benediction 1:11 and Cantitle of Benedictions 4:10 to her. She spoke of the great trouble at the castle, a captured Malificar named Jowan and his nefarious poisoning of Arl Eamon Guerrin .

Muddy Redcliff 2

After an exciting exercise through the city, chasing an apostate Dalish with an unpronounceable nameEy’wali Lenay’ga, we gave him a thorough lecture. He was so obstinate! He repudiated the Chant of Light, much like his ancestors did before the Exalted March in the Glory Age. I fear that if other Dalish follow him, once again the Chantry may punish his people’s heresy. It is a tragedy. There was a barbarian hill man there as well, I think his name was Broom or Broan Bronn Mak Mir or something…

Bann Teaghan.. Friend or Enemy? But Happily, I met my good friend and troll killer Gawain, who is always welcome in a fight. Kadira and I met Bann Teagan Guerrin and Ser Perth , and were taken to interview this Jow-ahn… He was a liar and a blood mage, a murdered of dozens. He told a twisted tale of templars forcing him to poison Arl Eamon’s food, and with much cajoling… he confessed to tutoring the Arlessa’s son with magic, and her refusal to send him to the circle. I was shocked to be threatened by Bann Teagan to keep the Arlessa’s secret, but I know Kadira listens to her own heart first, not threats. Jow-an is not long for this world, after telling us he knew nothing, a well placed lightning bolt convinced him to reveal Senor “Garlan”, a foul mage who gave him the poison.

My new friend Bella Kadira and I went to a fine tavern, where there was much merriment and I made quick friends with Bella the barmaid, teaching them the Antiva game of Chuters. After many drinks, I retired to bed with Bella, not wanting to wake up Kadira, who had already gotten us a room. She is a good friend, and wonderful lady, as I told many in the bar that night. I like the taverns here, people are so free and merry like.

Kadira and I were like hawks hunting in the forest. We spotted our mark, the house of this Garlan, and dove to intercept it. Gawaiin, Broan, the Apostat-te, and Guiree were at the house, and bravely and boldly agreed to follow orders from Kadira and I, as we performed the will of Andraste in removing this evil threat.

The house itself had many interesting books _“The Boosoms of the Anderfels”, “St.Juridas’s Readings and Canticles for the banos” and “Winkee the Tree frog swallows an egg.” _We discovered a trap door, which Broan was able to open with a key. A key that looked like an axe. Still, it opened didn’t it?

Skeletons Attack us!*

Once below, we found many stone altars, a summoning circle, and a foreboding of misasmic evil that made my heart shiver. As we examined the room for survivors, the very bones of the tortured rose, and attacked us. Gawaiin, Broan and Guiree were all very able with weapons, slicing and dicing and cutting them up… fantastico. These monsters were muy dangerous and split open Guiree and Broan. Kadira and I called upon the great powers of the Maker and knit their bones back together, healing their damaged bodies. While doing so, I was accidentally struck by the creatures, and Kadira good touch healed me. I cast my electrical storms throughout the room to weaken the unlucky bones, which Broan and Guiree were able to defeat. Once the battle was over, I noticed that the Dalish mage had hidden in the corner, managing to injure himself. Perhaps from falling while running away or something. I offered him Andraste’s mercy, which is free for all, providing him with healing and encouraging him to be braver in the future.

It is at this time that I do not know what will happen next. We have not found Garlan, but there is clearly black magic at work. We must be dilligent, and also enjoy what little time and pleasures we have.

With Love and passion, my dearest diary,

Signature of Mira


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