A honor-bound Circle Mage of Ferelden.


Background: Human Circle Mage

Communication  0Magic  3Speed 11
Constitution  1 (stamina)Perception 2
Defense 11
Cunning  2 (arcane lore)Strength -1Health 23
Dexterity 1Willpower 1
Mana 14

Melee Weapon
Attack Roll

Ranged Weapon
Attack Roll
Arcane Lance
16 yards

1 – 3
No test
Heroic Offense
No test
Vulnerability Hex

Talents: Novice Surgery (p 36) Can heal as a minor action.

Languages: Trade Tongue, Ancient Tevene


Kadira was raised as the daughter of modest merchants in Lothering.  Her parents traded and traveled to both Redcliffe and to the gates of Orzammar to trade.  As a young girl she developed the signs of a mage, and was given over to the Chantry in Lothering.  Templars took her to the Circle of Magi on the shore of Lake Calenhad. She admired the shining armor and the gleaming pride and competence of the Templars, and was pleased – she felt as if she'd been chosen for something special.

Life in the Circle Tower was good to Kadira.  She thrived on the certainty and order – a very pleasing comparison to the rather nomadic and uncertain life her merchanting parents had followed.  She made friends, even though she was quite serious about her studies and the rules that governed life in the Circle.

Kadira passed her Harrowing with particular speed and success.  The sight of the Black City – the eternal mark of the hubris of mages – affected her greatly.  Also, interacting with the demons of the Fade matured her, and were an object lesson that she was no longer playing children's games, that the mission of the Circle of Magi, of the Templars, of the Chantry was deathly serious.  She continued her studies and became a full Magi of the Circle.  Kadira's particular focus was on Creation magic, and she was found to have the blessings of a powerful healer.   

She took to her continuing studies seriously, focussing on the arts of Inquisition, and staying clear of fraternity politics. She was often assigned to work with Templars, who, in effect, became her Fraternity.  She made particular friends with a young Templar named Cullen and they maintain a fond, trusting, professional relationship.  Her very serious nature and belief in the Templar's mission allowed her to interact with them easily.  She even trained in spells to support her Templar companions.  She won honors as an Inquisitor – someone who could root out Magi who were being seduced either by blood magic or demons.  While this made her quite unpopular within certain elements of the Circle, it endeared her to the Templars and the Chantry – which was fine by her.

She left the Circle tower to pursue a full master magi who she had exposed as a Maleficarum - a blood mage.  Bel Gruce was a Dalish elf who had come to the circle for training as a young teen and chafed under the restrictions of the Magi and the Templars.  She chased him all the way to the Brecilian forest, his home, and was ambushed.  (The Templars, while amazing in a straight-up fight, aren't known for their fieldcraft.)  Kadira was especially traumatized when the blood mage and his cohorts used a ritual to cause a demon to possess one of her Templars, and she had to kill the possessed Templar.

Her Templars gone, alone in the woods, she still pursued the rogue Dalish, but was found by another group of elves.  She used her spells to hold them back, but one of them, another apostate Dalish mage named Aywali, asked his brethren to spare her so that he could learn of her magic.  Once Aywali learned of her mission, he agreed to join her to find the Maleficar.  Eventually, they caught up with Bel Gruce, and a debate ensued. Kadira wanted to kill the Maleficar on sight.  Aywali wanted to reform him, and see if perhaps his blood magic was useful for good purposes.  Kadira and Aywali drew their staves to fight, but Bel Gruce escaped, so the debate was never resolved.  Kadira tried to insist, or tempt, Aywali into coming into the Circle for his own protection and the protection of his tribe should he fall to become an abomination.  He refused and she didn't have the strength of arms to force the issue.  They parted on uncertain terms.

Kadira never found Bel Gruce, and so had to report back to the Circle as a failure, and one that had cost the lives of good men and women.  Though First Enchanter Irving and Knight-Commander Greagoir insisted that she had done all a mortal could do, she was still greatly unhappy.

[Kadira's cameo in Brom's story]

On her way back from the Brecilian forest, she ran into a caravan of Avvarian Hillsmen headed to Denerim.  They were also recovering from an attack by Dalish, so she lent her healing talents to the worst wounded.  One of them was a young girl on her way to Denerim to be married, the younger sister of the caravan-leader.  Brom (the caravaneer) insisted that the girl had called down magical fire on the Dalish, and then swooned.   Kadira's magical senses confirmed that young Fiorella MacMir was a budding mage.  She assured Brom that the Circle would take care of the girl, and returned the youngster to the Circle.

[Abella's cameo in Kadira's story]

Kadira was in Redcliffe tracking down rumors of a very reclusive blood magus.  He was known as "Marden" and had once been a member of the Circle of Magi at Lake Calenhad like Kadira, but he'd destroyed his own phylactery and escaped.  The deranged Maleficar had developed a following, recruiting young folks who had even the faintest threads of magical ability and pairing them with demons.  Knight-Commander Greagoir assigned Kadira to bring him to justice.

The trail led them all over the Arling of South Reach, near Kadira's home of Lothering.  Kadira surmised that she'd lost Marden's trail and was following one of his apprentices… and the apprentice was cutting a bloody swath through the countryside.  She and her Templars came upon several scenes of slaughter typical of a practicing blood mage.  Rather than leave the trail of the apprentice to chance finding the master (and gamble at possibly losing them both), Kadira kept trailing the apprentice, and learned that the Maleficar was a human woman named Eldyn.

On the trail, Kadira met a rather odd mage.  An Antivan mage, and one loyal to the chantry!  She'd never met an Antivan and never met a mage that was from a differing tradition.  Kadira quickly determined that this "Abella Marisol" was not an apostate, and could be a valuable help in the hunt.  She accepted the rather exuberant and colorful woman into her company with quiet politeness. 

The group of magi and Templars was ambushed on the road, the brave Templars took the brunt of the punishment while Kadira and Abella used their magic to win the fight.  The demons were driven off and Eldyn was captured.  She was put to the question – clearly demonstrating that Kadira has few scruples where Maleficar are concerned – and the plot to assassinate Abella was revealed. Once Kadira felt that the Maleficar had told them what she could, she executed the blood mage, praying for Eldyn's soul as she did.

During these adventures, Kadira couldn't quite decide what to make of Abella. Where Abella was vivacious and sultry and exuberant, Kadira was reserved, understated, and cautious.  While Kadira came to view Abella as a valuable ally, she found that the Antivan was… strange, exhausting, and confusing to her.  She remains unsettled as to how she feels about Abella, but knows she can trust the Antivan.

Kadira needed to go report to the Circle and the Knight-Commander, but agreed to meet Abella in Redcliffe and continue their search for Marden there.

Since then Kadira has been traveling the North Road between Redcliffe and Lothering.  Her mission, ostensibly, is to collect children that exhibit magical ability and remand them to the Circle Tower on Lake Calenhad for appropriate training.  On a more secretive level, she is part of a network of Magi that keep an eye out for Maleficar and abominations.  She has good relations with the Templars and Chantry in both Lothering and Redcliffe.


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