Bronn Mak Mir

a rough-and-tumble Avvaran mercenary


a rough-and-tumble Avarran mercenary

Bronn Mak Mir Avarran Hillman Warrior

Communication 1
Magic -1 Speed 10
Constitution 2 (stamina)
Perception 0 Defense 11
Cunning 2 Strength 3  (climbing) Armor 4
Dexterity 1  Willpower 0

Proficiencies: Brawling, Axes, Bows, Heavy Blades
Two-handed Sword: Attack +3, Damage 3d6
Throwing Axe: Attack +3, Damage 1d6+2
Longbow: Attack +1, Damage 1d6+3 range 26/52 yards

Archery Style: Aim action gives +2 attack
Two-handed Style: move target 2 yards when hit with two-handed weapon attack
Armor Training (Leather, Mail): reduce penalties in armor
Language: Trade Tongue
Equipment Backpack Traveler's Garb Water Skin Heavy Leather Armor Two-handed sword Throwing Axe Longbow quiver of 20 arrows


Bronn Mak Mir Age: 17 Height 5'6" Weight 145

Bronn is a relatively short and slender human, with long, shaggy brown hair and, typically, a few days growth of beard. He wears a mishmash of clothes and armor, with many patches and darns on both. Still, his cloak is warm, his boots well-tended, and his armor and weapons seem perfectly functional. He tends to carry himself in a fairly aggressive fashion, projecting an air of tough confidence that belies his small stature. In relaxed surroundings, Bronn is quick to let his hard edges smooth away, and is quite popular in taverns and brothels alike. When he is into some coin, Bronn is a free spender, doing his best to enjoy himself and bring others to his own level of merriment, but he does not let poverty dim his spirits when fortune is against him.

Bronn has built himself a fair reputation as a trustworthy and effective caravan guard. He is quick to point out to his customers that he is being paid to escort them and their goods safely, not to kill bandits; he greatly prefers to avoid or trick robbers than face them in battle. He has developed a number of ruses that generally prove effective against most highwaymen, such as the "lagging mule" trick, the "loudly discuss a planned shortcut" trick, and the "plague victim" trick. To date, he has not failed in a contract.

Bronn is the son of Harker Mak Mir, who was a minor chief of the Avarran hill people when the revolt against Orlais broke out. Harker and his warband signed on with Loghain as mercenaries, but soon betrayed their contract by hijacking a supply caravan they were hired to guard and deserting back to the mountains. Harker used this wealth to build a fortified trading post, and established himself as a middle-man, brokering trade and smuggling deals between interests in Ferelden and the hill tribes. He even managed to catch a fleeing Orlais noblewoman and make her his wife. During his childhood, Bronn received a broad range of instruction. Harker and other hillmen trained him to fight and survive in the harsh mountains; Bronn's small size frequently caused him trouble, and he got into a lot of fights with other boys until he learned to either avoid conflict or fight dirty. His mother, Maeve, did her best to instill even a bit of culture into her son, teaching him to read, to sing, and even to play the flute and zither. Although he enjoyed these lessons, especially classical poetry and oratory, Bronn soon learned that such pursuits would be continual excuse for beatings at the hands of his less-cultured peers, so he eventually left such things to his sister, Fiorella. Still, when he is deep in his cups, Bronn will occasionally launch into impromptu performances of Orlais opera, displaying a fine tenor. Bronn's childhood came to an end in his fourteenth year, when Taern Loghain decided to put paid to a number of old debts. Hunting down a deserter from years ago might not have been high on his list, but eventually he decided to punish Harker Mak Mir for his crimes, and dispatched a company of soldiers to do so. Harker and his companions fought savagely, but in the end all perished and the trade hold was burned to the ground. Bronn managed to get his mother and sister out, eventually seeing them to Redcliff, where the last of the money he had recovered bought a small house. Bronn took to caravan work to provide for his mother's care, and to pay for Fiorella's Chantry education.

One year, a venereal disease known as the "Orlesian Pox" was running rampant in Denerim. Fashions that year quickly moved to hill-style kilts and baggy pantaloons as stricken nobles sought to ease their swollen parts, and the merchants quickly followed suit. One treatment for the pox that proved quite popular was a tincture made from hear lily root, which drove the demand for the otherwise innocuous plant through the roof. Seeing an opportunity for profit and influence, Bronn set off to the Brecelian forest to bag as much of the herb as possible. While scouring the woods, he ran into an odd Dalish sorcerer who was on some sort of manhood ritual. After feeding the poor blighter up, Bronn and the elf struck a deal: Bronn would assist the boy in reaching the top of his sacred mountain, and the Dalish would help him find as much heart lily as he could carry. Although there was some argument as to the wisdom of fighting a pack of werewolves, eventually Bronn saw the elf to the peak, where the boy recovered a long tusk carved with elvish script. He recalled, and mentioned to the elf, that his father has a book filled with such writing, but that it was either ash or in Loghain's possession now. The Dalish seemed quite excited about the news, and turned out to be terrible at finding heart lily.

Over the past couple of years, Bronn had become fixated on establishing a good situation situation for Fiorella and his mother. He knew that it would only take one lucky Dalish arrow or bandit blade to put an end to his career, so whenever a chance to make contacts among the wealthy merchants came up, Bronn was quick to take it. Whenever he would travel about, Bronn would do his best to talk up his beautiful, gentle, and learned sister to wealthy merchants and minor nobles. After a while, he also carried correspondence to and from Fiorella and her various suitors, and eventually a potential match was made with Willem Marquesne, the eldest son of a prosperous rug merchant in Denerim. Bronn made arrangements to travel to the capital with Fiorella, signing on as an extra guard with a small dwarven trade caravan in exchange for acommodations for Fiorella. During the trip, Bronn frequently amused himself with thoughts of packing up his mother and bringing her to a nice townhouse in Denerim, while he took up the duties of captain of the merchant's private guard. As they traveled, rumors of Dalish bandits grew frequent, so Bronn and the dwarven guard Gyrien hatched a plan to minimize risk. Knowing that the Dalish were cowardly thieves who sought to avoid straight-up conflict, they loaded the worst mule with packed stuffed full of junk and trash, with a few bottles of liquor on top. In the event of an attack, they would loose the mule and hustle off with the rest of the caravan, leaving the bandits to take what they would think of as easy pickings. This ploy had worked many times in the past, and represented a token expense to avoid a great deal of trouble. Unfortunately, during the expected attack, the unexpected happened. A shower of arrows from a small copse drove Bronn and the dwarves to cover, and the decoy mule ran off as planned. However, Fiorella panicked, and rather than seeking cover, suddenly flared with a brilliant golden light and pointed at the thicket, which exploded in a cataclysm of flame. Fiorella fainted dead away while the few remaining Dalish raiders limped off as best they could. With this sudden turn of events, Bronn offered his entire fortune to the dwarves in an effort to keep them quiet about the matter, and bundled up the still-unconscious Fiorella and headed for the Mage's Tower in the hopes of finding help for his sister.

After spending some time at the Spoiled Princess, Bronn finally made up is mind to approach a Circle mage known as Kadira, who had a reputation for being bluntly honest in her dealings. He eventually brokered a deal that would see his sister taken into the Tower and trained to control her power, but only after issuing a few veiled threats about the consequences to Kadira if anything befell Fiorella. When he found out that he would not be able to visit his sister or a decade or more, Bronn took an interest in what kind of opportunities to work with the Tower might allow him to visit earlier, and left the strange place with a sinking feeling that he would never see his sister again…

Bronn is on his way back to Redcliff to inform his mother of how events have turned out. Rather than traveling to a new life in Denerim to see her daughter married off to a prosperous merchant, she has lost Fiorella, most likely forever. With no hope of becoming part of a wealthy family, Bronn will have to come up with a way to see that his mother his taken care of. With all this on his mind, his heels have been dragging a bit.

Bronn Mak Mir

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