Ey'wali Lenay'ga

Driven and proud spirit singer of the Dalish people


The son of the Lenay’ga tribe’s Speaker, Ey’wali spent his childhood in the Brasilian rain forest, searching for parts of the long lost Dalish heritage.

A band of dastardly humans stole the Eye of On from Ey’wali as he was bringing it from the Old Mountain to seal his rite of passage. The Eye of On is a powerful artifact, thought to have the earliest writings of the Dalish people upon it, and was guarded by many werewolves. It is a 18 inch long tooth with intricate Dalish script engraved into it. Ey’wali is in Redcliffee pursuing these bandits. At stake is priceless heritage of the Dalish and his own reputation as a hunter.

Ey'wali Lenay'ga

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