Abella Mirasol

A Fiery Antivan wanderer, using her magic to stay a step ahead of the Crows and... her passions.


Human, Mage – Antivan Chantry.



Now that’s Spicy!

Smack, right on the kisser!


Trained by Chantry Mage Castellan

Nothing shocks me, I’m Antivan

Connection 1:

On the run

But it’s more fun this way!

Connection 2:

A little money never hurt

One Step Ahead of You

Communication [1] Constitution [1] Cunning [3] Dexterity [3] Magic [5] Perception [2] Str [1] Will [3]

HP 24

Magic Points 21

Spellpower 15

Background Bonuses – +1 Cunning, Focus: Will- Self Discipline


Will- Self Discipline

Linguistics – Antivan


1. Arcane Lance – 16 yd range, d6+5 damage, 0 mana cost

2. Heal – 1d6 per mana point Major Action – Touch

3. Rock Armor – 5 pts armor for 3 MP +1 MP per hour up to 6 hrs

4. Shock – 6 yds by 6 yds d6+5 penetrating – 4 MP

Mana recovery – d6+5 per hour of meditation or rest.

Defense – 13

Speed – 13

Posessions- Antivan dried flowers. Antivan Spices. Passion Fish Perfume, Lillies of the Morning Perfume, ‘Passionate Deva’ Perfume. Atomizer. Backpack, Courtly Clothes, travel garb, waterskin, Staff, Wand, flint and Steel, candles, ink, paper, pouch, rope, tent (small), waterskin, three wineskins (Imperium Rex 030, Mad Jester’s Press 42, and Silver Uncorked by Virgins 31), dice, three romance novels (Heroic Maric and his Lady Love, The Outlaw Loghain and Rowan, and Esmerelda of the thirty veils) SP 48


Abella and fiance first encounter the crows

I come from a lovely country. My family are nobles from the beautiful shores of Antiva City. There is no city like it in all the world. Every street is a garden, full of flowers, ivy and potted plants. Every home is a palace, made with riches gained from a nation of the world’s greatest merchants, artists, and scholars. We have peace in Antiva. No armies or soldiers, just merchants, vintners, lovers and friends. How do you say it? it is like paradise.

Oh, and the scents. Every step is a path to perfumes. From the rich smells of earth and Antivan leather… to the flowers and oils of roses, orchids and lilies. I miss my country so much. But I digress, no… I talk to much…let me start at the beginning.

My family made a good arrangement with one of the richest merchant houses in Antiva when I was two years old. I was to marry one of their scions when we were of age. The deal was arranged, contracts were signed, and all was well in the rich Antivan way. As I grew up, I began to exhibit a magnificent stormy temper, the envy of Antivan girls everywhere. Oh I could rage, I could pout, I could be sensual, petulent and demure all at the same time. Whether you were the highest paid prostitue, the most popular fish chowder seller or the most corrupt politician, no one could resist my passions.

But one day, I was particularly tempestuous, while interupted from reading my romantic novels and poems by my tutor, and the winds actually picked my tutor up. Lightning flashed not just from my eyes, but from my fingers and the sky itself. The clouds above shaped into a devouring dragon to mark the emergence of my power. It was… as you would say… a tragedy of my own making. I had been cursed with Magical Talent.

Abella calls the storms and dragons from the skies

I was then sent off to a Mages house in Antiva, where for 2500 years, those with magical powers were sent. And where for the last twelve hundred years the Chantry taught, trained, and watched their wards. Of course, in Antiva, women are to be ‘pure and delicate’ and being a sorceress is the worst kind of curse. Better to lose your hair and teeth than be a witch in Antiva, they say… And so, while continuing to meet me and court me in public, my fiance’s family hired the Crows to assasinate me in private. I must agree it was the reasonable thing to do. After all, their line would be stained with a magic user, and the contract had no out clause for something so repugnant.

Abella passes the harrowing with staff and sphere

Once I passed the harrowing, I tried to live a normal life, as the preparations for our upcoming nuptials came closer. But the crows were deadly, and while I avoided their first three attempts, my family and friends were not so lucky. Everyone close to me has become a victim of the crows.

And so, with the help of some bribes, I faked my death, allowing a crow to gain my bounty. And after laying low in an Antivan brothel for a time, I fled Antiva. I wandered through Orlais, Tevintyr, and other lands, only one step above the crows. After years of wandering, I came to Ferelden. A land where women are expected to do more than pose, where magic is used freely, and where my own troubles seem small compared to those that face this land. It was here that I hoped to hide, to start a new life. With permission of the chantry, I took on the name of Abella “the bee”, for I must stay moving, like the bee, or die. I took the name Mirasol, which in Antivan means cursed by the sun, for I too must avoid coming to light. It would spell my doom.

Companions offer me aid against villainous crows. Delectable...

And so it was that I met the great sorceress of the Circle of Magi, Kadira. While travelling near South Peak, I found myself drawn to the company of a wizard of the highest order, one as white and tall as the circle tower she came from, her Templar companions as thick and able of body as one could want. And equally unapproachable. I could tell immediately she had a good and “old soul”, although I don’t know if I believe in such things. Her magic was so controlled, so academic! While I love the way her art reflects her personality, I cannot believe that such a woman is not hiding her passions under a basket. If she is not careful, that basket will become aflame. Much better to follow the way of Andraste, to channel one’s passions into good, and to sacrifice one rather than give in to demons of pride, desire, sloth, and rage. Yet I must admit, I am strangely drawn to my friend’s calm and controlled exterior. The Circle clearly has much to offer.

After spending a flirtateous night of good stories, food, and companionship with the Templars and Kadira in the woods… Demons, lead by a vicious bloodmage named Eldryn, ambushed me and my most wholesome and adventurous companions. The battle raged through the night as Kadira and her Templar companions used magic, staff, and blade to slay them. Once the demons were gone, the templars used very persuasive and forceful means to gain information from the Malificar before executing her. It appears the Crows had hired a bloodmage named Marden from Redcliff to hunt me down. I agreed to help hunt down this festerous beast, meeting them in Redcliff in one month, after a side trip to Denerim. We parted on good terms, exchanging greetings and tokens of friendship. While the templars were uncomfortable, who was I to reject kissing such a lovely lady as a gesture of my passion? After all, I had felt such a connection of sisterhood with her since we first met that night near the woods…sigh… where was I? Oh yes, The trip to Denerim…

Everything is for sale in Denerim...

Though I agreed to meet my companions in Redcliff, I travelled to Denerim to get dyes to change my hair color and help me evade the Crows. While searching for these things, and some minor comforts at the Marketplace in Denerim, I met an engaging group of thick bodied dwarves and men protecting merchants. As I had perhaps outstayed my welcome at the Pearl (girls can be so jealous!), I travelled with them for a time. Along the road we were attacked by a long horned troll, and only the actions of Gawain with his quick bladework and XXX doing XXX managed to save us. Gawain is a clever merchant, although he is practical enough to not let an opportunity pass him by. Why, he might even remind me of a merchant from Antiva! After our victorious battle, my healing hands and minstrations were most welcome by the merchants, as was my electric and flirty personality. As they were going to Redcliff as well, it was a welcome travelling group as I hid from Crows both high and low…

Everything is for sale in Denerim...

And so I continue to wander, seeking my place in the world, knowing that life is short, and one must indulge in what little happiness you can find, whenever you can…

Abella Mirasol

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